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Let’s face it, you want the best for your son or daughter. Well, we do too! In an era where early-specialization in sport is becoming more and more commonplace, here at TSP, we remain steadfast in our efforts to provide well-rounded athletic development programs that will allow youth athletes to excel at any sport, not just one.
Aside from a few select sports, very few athletes thrive when they are thrust into early specialization in a single sport, especially in regards to most team athletics such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. Conversely, kids who develop a multitude of athletic skills and qualities throughout their youth prove to be more enduring and more talented athletes in later years (high school, college, and beyond).
Our Youth Development program here at Teamworks Sports Performance is centered on developing all of the fundamental athletic abilities such as running, jumping, cutting, throwing, kicking, rolling, climbing, and reacting, etc.
With an emphasis on the “FUN” in fundamentals, our program provides an inclusive and engaging atmosphere where kids ages 8-11 can hone such athletic abilities. In this program, kids become fit as a byproduct of repeated exposure to these fundamental skills in an environment that sets them up for success.
At this age, conditioning is not the emphasis of our program. Instead, we focus on more age-appropriate qualities like speed, agility, strength, power, mobility, and coordination. We develop these skills through task based challenges, games, and drills that expose each athlete to a wide array of movements and abilities.
We aim for our kids to leave each class sweating, smiling, and armed with knowledge and skills that will prepare them for future development. Enrolling your kids into our Youth Development program will help lay the foundation for their future success in athletics and give them a solid base to build off of for many years to come.
If you have questions about our Youth Development program, or would like to sign-up, please do not hesitate to contact us!

FIRST CLASS IS ALWAYS FREE! Come see why we've been called one of the best training facilities in the area!


"My two daughters have been taking semi-private agility lessons with Leddy for a few months.  Not only has she helped them to improve their core and upper body strength, but she has inspired them to work on fitness even when they are away from Teamworks.  In fact, one of the things my younger daughter asked for for her birthday was a pull-up bar for her bedroom doorway.  Leddy was patient and kind with the girls.  They have already signed up for fall Teamworks Sports Performance classes with her."

Allison Beakley, parent of two youth athletes

Located inside Teamworks Acton

30 Great Road

Acton, MA 01720

Tel: 978.328.0470

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