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Have you ever been inspired by a fitness program? Well, our adult fitness programs here at Teamworks Sports Performance do just that. With programs to suit every ability and experience level, you are bound to find the perfect fit for where you are at. Take a look at some of our offerings below!

FIRST CLASS IS ALWAYS FREE! Come see why we've been called one of the best training facilities in the area!

Adult Group Fitness

Training within our Adult Group Fitness program is what a true fitness experience should feel like! People don’t come to TSP to “workout,” they come here to be immersed in a fitness environment that empowers them to achieve things they never thought possible.
When it comes to being successful in fitness, we know that it is absolutely vital to have a support team around you. Our knowledgeable staff not only helps to safely guide you step-by-step along your journey into fitness, but also provides the support you need to achieve your goals. Couple this with a community of individuals with similar goals and struggles to help you through the hard times, and you have one surefire recipe for success!
This is not a one-size-fits-all fitness program. We recognize that everyone comes from a different place in regards to their experience level and many may have several training limitations. Our team recognizes these facts and can happily make adjustments to the program to suit your individual circumstances. We make our training program fit you…not the other way around.
So, you might be wondering, “what exactly do we do?” Simply put, we move! As human beings, we were made to move, and our program gets you doing what you were born to do in an extraordinary fashion.
We will push, pull, bent, rotate, and level change better than we ever thought we could. Much of what we do can challenge you with bodyweight alone, but we also build your fitness through the use of medicine balls, kettlebells, battle ropes, barbells, dumbbells, sleds, and suspension trainers.
Our Adult Group Fitness program is a one-of-a-kind fitness experience for sure. Isn’t it time you take your fitness to the next level? Don’t miss out, come be a part of the best fitness community in the area!
Click below to view our schedule or contact us to find out more about how we can make your fitness goals a reality.

Adult Custom Performance

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Our Adult Custom Performance program is just what you are looking for!
Okay, so you have been training for a while now, and let’s face it, you are hooked! Despite really enjoying our general adult fitness program, you are ready to get a little more specific with your training. Our Custom Performance program is great for individuals with more specific fitness goals.
Maybe you are determined to bench press your bodyweight (or twice that); perhaps you are interested in competing in Olympic Weightlifting; or, maybe, you regularly compete in triathlons or other endurance events and are looking to peak for the big race.
Through our Adult Custom Performance training model, we address goals just like the ones mentioned above by designing individualized programs that cater to your specific needs. Training takes place in a small group setting of 6 or less, so that there is still a significant amount of individual attention while maintaining that supportive fitness environment that is so critical to getting the most out of your training.
Contact us for more info on how to sign up for our Adult Custom Performance group.

Private/Semi-Private Training

Prefer to train in a one-on-one setting? Or maybe you and a small group of friends would like to set up your own semi-private training group to get fit together. We will happily accommodate!
Let’s face it, not everyone likes to jump right into group training right out of the gate. Through our Private training program, we can work with you at a 1:1 coach to client ratio and design a program that is completely specific to your goals and abilities, and these sessions can be scheduled at times convenient to you.
This option is great for individuals coming off of injuries or long hiatuses from physical activity. Private training is a welcomed opportunity for you to safely get back on your feet and return to the level of performance or activity you are seeking.
We offer both Private and Semi-Private training options to all ages. So whether you are looking to address your own fitness in a one-on-one setting, or are looking to set up a small training group for your son or daughter and their friends, TSP is here to help.
Contact us now to set up your first session!

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Includes a 1-on-1 session/evaluation, plus unlimited group training

ONLY $69


"To say that working out at Teamworks Sports Performance has changed my life would not be an exaggeration. I started training here about 5 years ago. I had been going to a traditional commercial gym, taking classes and running on the treadmill. While it was fun working out there, I never felt that my fitness level was improving.
I happened upon Teamworks by chance, after having walked by the facility many times while bringing my children to indoor soccer. I had the impression that only the “big boys” or serious athletes train there. While it is true that serious athletes do train here, TSP is very much geared to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and get strong. The trainers are highly qualified, and can customize the workouts to everyone’s capabilities. Under their watch, you will learn proper form and technique of weightlifting. They emphasize quality over quantity, which helps decrease the likelihood of injury. Most importantly, when you train here, you know, without a doubt, that the trainers care deeply about you.
After training here, I am more fit than I have ever been, I lost weight and body fat, while gaining muscle. I dropped several dress sizes. I feel good, and look forward to coming in to train. I could not give Teamworks Sports Performance and the fabulous trainers here a stronger recommendation."

- Sandy Yelen, Westford

Located inside Teamworks Acton

30 Great Road

Acton, MA 01720

Tel: 978.328.0470

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