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High School Athletic Development

With sports at the high school level becoming more and more competitive each passing year, simply showing up at practice is often not enough to keep an athlete ahead of the competition. Those athletes who are able to stay on top in their respective sports are, more often than not, the ones who recognize the need for further athletic development beyond what they get from sport skill practice alone.
Our High School Athletic Development program here at TSP is designed to supplement an individual’s sport skill training and enhance fundamental athletic qualities such as speed and agility, mobility, strength, power, work capacity, and resiliency. An athlete is only as good as his or her weakest link, and our program can help turn these weak links into strengths.
Our program efficiently and effectively addresses the unique needs of each athlete. Our staff is highly skilled at recognizing the key areas that will improve an athlete’s performance and at addressing those essential attributes throughout the training program.
At our facility, we have access to large turf fields that allow us to effectively run the speed and agility portion of the program. Each session begins with a warm-up of diversified movement which leads into a mobility segment designed to address major areas of need and prepare the body for the more intense training that is to follow.
The remainder of our time on the field is spent developing speed, power, and agility. These qualities are addressed through a variety of training modalities including jumps, hops, and other plyometrics; explosive medicine ball throws; acceleration drills; deceleration drills; and several combinations of such modalities.
Through our fieldwork, we place a heavy emphasis on technique and mastery of the basics. An athlete who has achieved ideal athletic postures and positions will have a performance advantage over one who utilizes less than optimal technique, and will also be able to train and play safer.
The second half of a typical Athletic Development session is spent in the weightroom. All other factors considered equal, the stronger, more explosive athlete will always have the upper hand. Our program employs the safest and most effective means of building stronger, more powerful, and more resilient athletes.
Within our program, we utilize the best training strategies for each athlete. We are not married to any one piece of equipment or training approach, but rather, find the most effective means for improving each individual. Athletes will become proficient at fundamental movement patterns like pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, hinging, rotating, etc., and will work through appropriate progressions for all these patterns.
A typical session concludes with some type of big finish that not only serves as a conditioning tool for athletes, but also tests their determination and will to succeed. The end of each session often serves as a great team building moment for our athletes, as they will have to work alongside one another and support each other’s efforts.
We take pride in not only building better all-around athletes through our High School Athletic Development program, but also better young men and women. We constantly aim to instill virtues of hard work, discipline, responsibility, accountability, consistency, and respect among all the athletes we work with. We provide them the tools to not only perform at their best, but also live healthier lives.
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"In the spring of 2013 I began working out at Teamworks. At this time, my main focus was to supplement my intense gymnastics training with specific strength and conditioning work provided through Olympic Weightlifting. I began with a weekly, private session, focusing on the fundamentals and basic techniques and movements required for Olympic Weightlifting. Quickly after I started, I fell in love – not only with the sport, but also with the environment here. Everyday I can walk in the gym, knowing that whom ever I work out with will be supportive of the all members of the group, including myself. The same is true with the coaches; all of them are knowledgeable, kind people who care deeply about their work. There is a sense of community and compassion here that is unmatched by any. 
            As far as Olympic Weightlifting goes, my experience at Teamworks could not have been any better. I have never been pushed into the sport; I have created my own path that is unique from any one else here. I have been given the best coaching that I could have asked for. I have learned more than I could imagine, about the sport and about myself as an athlete. I cannot be more grateful for the opportunities I have had in the sport since I started. I have competed in many local competitions, which lead up to my qualification and competition at the 2014 USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals. That competition qualified me for the 2015 Junior Nationals and 2015 Youth Nationals. I improve my lifts, and overall athleticism, everyday because of the personalized training I receive. I cannot lie, Weightlifting is a very tough sport, harder than any other I have participated in; it pushes you mentally and physically. However, the coaching and guidance that I have been given has made this daunting, intense sport approachable to me, and many others here at Teamworks. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have had this opportunity."

- Lily Acton, National Level Junior Weightlifter

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