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Middle School Athletic Development

Our Middle School Athletic Development program here at Teamworks Sports Performance picks up right where our Youth Development program leaves off and continues to reinforce and expand upon the athletic qualities that were emphasized in our Youth program.
At this age, young athletes often start to understand the benefits that involvement in an athletic development program can have, and, as an athlete’s maturity increases, so does the overall focus of the training. However, our Middle School program still places a heavy emphasis on the “fun” in fundamentals, just as our Youth Development program does.
Our middle school athletes will never be “crushed” or run into the ground. Our mission is to make these kids better, not to simply make them tired. No doubt, 12-14 year olds participating in our program have to work hard each and every class, but the beauty of our program lies in its ability to challenge kids and develop them athletically in a way that often doesn’t even feel like work.
Middle school-aged kids who enroll in our program will come out stronger, faster, and more coordinated than when they began. They will demonstrate improved body awareness and will have a better understanding of proper athletic positions pertaining to sprinting, jumping, and changing direction, making them safer and more versatile athletes.
Aside from the obvious physical benefits, where our Middle School Athletic Development program really shines is in its ability to lead a young developing athlete down the path to success. Very few things are as rewarding to see as the look of utter confidence and satisfaction on a child’s face as he or she completes a perfect unassisted pull-up or powerfully pushes a sled weighing greater than bodyweight across the training floor.
Through our program, athletes will be empowered to do things they never imagined possible and, in turn, will develop a stronger belief in themselves and in what they know they can achieve.
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"My middle school daughter and her friend have been training at Teamworks Sports Performance for 6 months.  The girls train with Mike two times a week.  Mike does a tremendous job developing individualized plans for each girl.  The plans are designed to each girls strengths, improvement needs and injury history.  Mike focuses on strength, power, flexibility, agility and, most importantly, overall health.  My daughter has shown great improvements in all these areas and has also improved her nutrition through Mike's encouragement.  My daughter and her friend really enjoy their sessions with Mike and often talk about his advice at other times during the week.  They always love going to train at Teamworks Sports Performance and are very excited about their upcoming fall training sessions.”​

- Dennis McCollum, Parent of a middle school athlete

Located inside Teamworks Acton

30 Great Road

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