our Facility

Take a look at our newly renovated training space! At Teamworks Sports Performance, we utilize a number of cutting edge tools (as well as tried-and-true, must have pieces of equipment) to get you in the best shape of your life. Our gym features the following:


  • Rogue 24' Monster Lite Rig - This behemoth has six stations for squatting, benching, Olympic lifting, and other similar strength work; in addition, the rig also features a 20' span of monkey bars and four 12' rope climbing stations

  • Three Plywood Olympic Lifting Platforms - We are a huge fan of Olympic lifting and made sure to include a dedicated space where athletes and strength enthusiasts could practice their lifts


  • Men's, Women's, and Training Barbells - We have bars appropriate for varying ages and abilities


  • Dumbbells (5-135 lb) and Kettlebells (18-150 lb) - We are happy to be able to offer a wide range of dumbbells and kettlebells to accommodate all different levels of strength


  • Jungle Gym Suspension Trainers - Suspension training systems (Jungle Gym, TRX, etc) are a great tool for learning to work against your own bodyweight as a resistance; they are safe to use and very low impact but still allow you to get a fantastic workout in


  • Myoforce Variable Resistance Strength Systems (VERSUS) - VERSUS are very unique pulley based suspension trainers that allow you to do things that you cannot with your standard suspension trainer


  • Rogue Foam Plyo Boxes - Getting tired of bashing your shins while box jumping? These foam plyo boxes are much safer and easier to maneuver than your standard plyo box and can be stacked to a variety of heights from 6-36+ inches


  • 50' Battling Ropes, Medicine Balls, Coreballs, Resistance Bands, Sandbells, Drive Sleds, Surge 360, and much more!

With a wide array of tools in our toolbox, TSP can bring to you a seemingly endless variety of training modalities to keep your training fresh and allow you to make continued progress toward your goals - Check us out!

Come see why we've been called one of the best training facilities in the area!

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