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Tsp Weightlifting

Looking to learn more about weightlifting? TSP is the place for you! We offer ongoing weightlifting programming that can help take your training to the next level.

Program Highlights:

- Learn how to safely and properly execute the Olympic lifts and their variations

- Receive coaching and correction from highly qualified professionals certified through USA Weightlifting

- Achieve higher levels of technical proficiency through organized practice and refinement

- Improve strength, power, and conditioning through the use of well thought out and progressive programming catered to your background and abilities

- Learn the steps involved in competition at a variety of levels (from local meets to national events)

- Train and compete alongside a fun, hard-working, and supportive team of athletes in a productive and energetic environment unlike any other in the area

What is weightlifting?

(*Note: If you are already familiar with weightlifting and simply want to check out our program, you may want to scroll down to the “How do I get started?” section)

The sport of weightlifting, also referred to as Olympic lifting, is comprised of two competitive lifts - the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The snatch is a barbell movement during which a loaded bar is lifted from the floor to an overhead position in one fluid motion.

The clean & jerk, is a two part lift that generally involves heavier loads in comparison to the snatch. The bar is lifted from the floor and then racked briefly across the front of the shoulders before being explosively driven overhead.

Though weightlifting in the United States has experienced a recent rise in exposure and popularity over the last several years, the sport has actually been around for generations.

If you’ve ever watched the summer Olympics, you may have stumbled across an event where athletes are hurling gargantuan weights overhead in an amazing display of power and grace…this is the sport of weightlifting. Many others have become a bit familiar with variations of the lifts through high school and college athletics, as well as through the Crossfit Games that are broadcast across the nation each year.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of weightlifting can extend to many different populations. High school and college athletes can benefit greatly from incorporating the Olympic lifts into their training routines. Not only will the lifts increase the strength and explosiveness of an athlete, but will also help to build coordination and resiliency.

Former team sport athletes will often turn to weightlifting as a new competitive outlet after retiring from a given sports. Are you looking for a new way to curb your competitive appetite? Or maybe you are an individual looking to improve your weightlifting skills for use in crossfit competition. Either way, our weightlifting program may be just what you are looking for.

Although we do get many individuals who are coming into weightlifting from other sports (or use it to prepare for other sports), you needn’t have an athletic background in order to enjoy the Olympic lifts. If you can appreciate the value of honing a technical skill and are interested in a new pursuit, then the sport of weightlifting may appeal to you as well.

Is weightlifting for me?

If you are still reading, you may be asking yourself “so, this all sounds exciting, but what kind of qualifications must I have in order to participate in weightlifting?”

Though often helpful, prior exposure to the Olympic lifts is not necessary in order to effectively learn weightlifting. In fact, sometimes unlearning bad habits can be a bit more involved than coming in as a clean slate to learn the snatch and the clean and jerk for the first time. Regardless, we can help you in either situation.

That being said, it is very important to have a strong foundation of movement (i.e. injury free, adequate joint range of motion, no significant asymmetries), as well as sound technique in fundamental patterns like squats, presses, pulls, and hinges, prior to jumping into a weightlifting program.

Why choose TSP?

As the sport of weightlifting continues to grow in the United States, it becomes increasingly important that training enthusiasts be taught proper technique in the lifts so that safety, and effective progress, can be ensured.

TSP is the best place around to participate in weightlifting. Our coaching staff is passionate and highly qualified. We are home to two of the only certified USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance coaches in the area.

When you join our weightlifting team, (whether you have the desire to ever compete or not), you become part of an incredibly fun, productive, and supportive community unlike anything you have likely experienced before.

How do I get started?

Okay, so you’ve heard enough and want to come see how TSP weightlifting can bring you closer to your goals? Then be sure to contact our Performance Director, Ryan Barry, here or through the form below to schedule an evaluation and begin your journey with TSP Weightlifting.

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"In the spring of 2013 I began working out at Teamworks. At this time, my main focus was to supplement my intense gymnastics training with specific strength and conditioning work provided through Olympic Weightlifting. I began with a weekly, private session, focusing on the fundamentals and basic techniques and movements required for Olympic Weightlifting. Quickly after I started, I fell in love – not only with the sport, but also with the environment here. Everyday I can walk in the gym, knowing that whom ever I work out with will be supportive of the all members of the group, including myself. The same is true with the coaches; all of them are knowledgeable, kind people who care deeply about their work. There is a sense of community and compassion here that is unmatched by any. 
            As far as Olympic Weightlifting goes, my experience at Teamworks could not have been any better. I have never been pushed into the sport; I have created my own path that is unique from any one else here. I have been given the best coaching that I could have asked for. I have learned more than I could imagine, about the sport and about myself as an athlete. I cannot be more grateful for the opportunities I have had in the sport since I started. I have competed in many local competitions, which lead up to my qualification and competition at the 2014 USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals. That competition qualified me for the 2015 Junior Nationals and 2015 Youth Nationals. I improve my lifts, and overall athleticism, everyday because of the personalized training I receive. I cannot lie, Weightlifting is a very tough sport, harder than any other I have participated in; it pushes you mentally and physically. However, the coaching and guidance that I have been given has made this daunting, intense sport approachable to me, and many others here at Teamworks. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have had this opportunity."

- Lily Acton, National Level Junior Weightlifter

Located inside Teamworks Acton

30 Great Road

Acton, MA 01720

Tel: 978.328.0470

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