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College Athletic Development

For athletes looking to compete at the college level, involvement in a comprehensive off-season athletic development program is a must, both from a pure performance standpoint as well as for the injury prevention benefits.
Our TSP College Athletic Development program is a rigorous and highly involved training protocol designed to optimize an individual’s athletic abilities and prepare him or her for the extensive demands of college sport.
College athletes working with us are expected to be available 4-5 days per week to train in order to maximize their results. Individuals who are willing to demonstrate such consistency and push themselves to be better each and every day will be rewarded with greater all-around athletic ability, injury resiliency, and preparedness for the upcoming season.


FIRST CLASS IS ALWAYS FREE! Come see why we've been called one of the best training facilities in the area!


"After my freshmen year of high school basketball, I began working out at Teamworks and it was the best thing I could have done. From the start, my training was focused on making me a better basketball player.  I worked specifically on improving my jumping and power as well as preventing knee injuries. The mechanics of my jumping and changing direction was broken down to address any weaknesses. This attention to detail helped prevent me from suffering any major knee injuries through both high school and college athletics. The training I received at Teamworks helped prepare to play on a nationally ranked Division III basketball program which won the 2010 national championship. At the start of each school year, I returned to campus as the strongest and fittest player on my college team thanks to the suburb personalized training I received at TSP. My training at Teamworks made me an infinitely better athlete on the court."

- Amanda Meppelink, College Basketball Player

Located inside Teamworks Acton

30 Great Road

Acton, MA 01720

Tel: 978.328.0470

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